D.I.Y. Frappuccino

I’m an admitted coffee addict. I need my caffeine fix every morning, or I’m a cotton-headed ninny-muggins and irritable as heck. In the summer I usually opt for a caffè shakerato (a shot of espresso vigorously shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice until frothy). But in the midst of a heat wave like the one we’ve been suffering through here in Boston (97 degrees yesterday!), even turning on the smallest burner to brew coffee in my tiny 1-cup moka pot is unbearable. I’m too thrifty to shell out three or four bucks a day for some blended iced coffee concoction at the local Starbucks or Double D, and also way too much of a snob to stomach the crappy stuff they call coffee.

So my solution was to use my larger 3-cup moka pot for a few days at the beginning of this week (when temps were in the more-reasonable 70s range) to brew up some Illy, which I then poured into ice cube trays and froze (thanks, CR, for that great idea!). Today I pulled out my handy immersion blender, popped the frozen shot collection into a tall container, poured in a little milk, and ecco fatto — your own homemade frappuccino in a matter of seconds, but it tastes so much better. (It might be easier to sweeten the coffee before you freeze it, unless you have some simple syrup on hand.)

Stay cool!


4 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Frappuccino

    • Just a little at first, but once I covered the coffee cubes with milk and just went for it, it worked fine. A tall, narrow container (like the beaker that usually comes with an immersion blender) helps a lot. If I had a real blender I’d do it in there, but I don’t. We make do! 🙂

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